BURY POWERKIT Qi phone holder with wireless charging for cars


BURY phone holder for in car use, with Qi wireless charging function, USB-C plug, with flexible arm, base and holder. Unlimited placement mounting options.

BURY phone holder for in car use, with Qi wireless charging function, USB-C plug, with flexible arm, base and holder. Unlimited placement mounting options.


  • Charging options – utilizing your own or a third party charging cable
  • Individual 4-axis adjustment feature – always find the optimum positioning of the add-on device in the holder arm
  • Irrespective of car model – many various positioning options in the car
  • working voltage: 10-16V
  • maximum current consumption: 2A
  • power: 5W
  • voltage and current through USB: 5V / 3A
  • detection of FOD objects: yes
  • charging status indication: LED indication
  • temperature range: -20°C – +70°C
  • approvals: CE, BIN/RECYCLING, RoHS, Qi
  •              dimensions: 61mm x 76 mm x 15 mm
  •              mounting type: adhesive bond: screw coupling
  • POWERFLEX: (flexible arm)
  •              dimensions: 45 x 153 x 45 mm
  •              inclination angle of the elements: back joint +/- 100°, front joint at magnetic bayonet coupling +/- 35°
  •              rotation angle: +/- 100°
  •              dimensions min-max: height: any, width: 60 mm – 90 mm, depth: 6 mm – 10 mm
  •              dimensions: 118,5 mm x 125,2 mm x 39 mm


Product type Qi Wireless charging
Weight 0.802 kg

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