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The company has been in the market for over 20 years and Steelmate products are sold in more than 80 countries around the world. The total number of employees exceeds 1,600, of which more than 250 are engineers. The plant has an area of ​​80,000 square meters and includes the SMT Center. In addition to annual investments in research and innovation, the company works closely with institutions and universities to maintain its leading position in the world market. One of the components of Steelmate's success is production management and experimental development. The company employs more than 100 technicians, has more than 10 years of OEM / ODM experience to meet all customer needs. The equipment that Steelmate works with is highly accurate and comes from Germany and Japan. The company knows that it must protect its products, so it has issued patents and copyrights for more than 300 products.

The SteelmateSteelmate certificate has one of the largest series of parking systems with unique and innovative screens. All products are tested before being placed on the market by means of various types of tests in conditions of high temperatures and humidity, under the influence of ultraviolet radiation, vibrations and the like. This is the reason why Steelmate products work great in all weather conditions from -40C to +85 C. The unconditional guarantee of the company's quality is the certification of production according to the international standards ISO 9001, ISO / TS 16 949 and ISO 14 001.

Steelmate is not only a well-known name, it is also a culture of production, people who strive to ensure high quality and performance of products in an ever-changing world. Honesty, innovation and enthusiasm is the ideology of society. This approach to a culture of production, responsibility and an understanding of the customer's requirements entitles Steelmate to the title of the first company with this profile on the international automotive market.

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Steelmate PTS810V10 parking assistant

Parking assistant STEELMATE with 8 black sensors, with only one control unit, designed for installation in the front and rear bumper, with V10 LCD display for ...

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Parking assistant Steelmate front, with display PTS410M21-F OEM

Front parking assistant Steelmate with 4 innert black sensors and ultra slim LED display M21 ...

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1VM015 Rearview camera Steelmate analog

Colour parking camera with viewing angle of 120 degrees designed for installation in the rear bumper of the vehicle. Diameter of camera 18,5 mm.

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Steelmate PTS CABLE A spare cable

Replacement cable for Steelmate parking sensor, 2.3m, A

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Steelmate PTS CABLE B spare cable

Replacement cable for Steelmate parking sensor, 2.3m, B

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Steelmate PTS CABLE C spare cable

Replacement cable for Steelmate parking sensor, 2.3m, C

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Steelmate PTS410M5-F WHITE front parking assistant

Front parking assistant Steelmate with white sensors, LED display M5 two-colour diodes, includes new control unit that ...

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Steelmate PTS CABLE D spare cable

Replacement cable for Steelmate parking sensor, 2.3m, D

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Steelamte PTSV CAB extension cable

Extension cable for parking assistant PTSV404, to prolong the display cable, 4PIN connector.

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NR 25 drill bit

Tool for making hole for sensors 25 mm, designed for parking assistants marked with "INT" and for 14S-33 sensors.

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NR 25

Steelmate PTS410M5-F OEM front parking assistant

Front parking assistant Steelmate with 4x flush adjustable sensors 16mm, with LED display M5, designed for installation ...

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Steelmate SC00 14D reducing washer

Reducing washer for mounting sensors in the bumper with an angle of inclination 0 °, 4 pcs package.

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SC00 14D