Our mission is to provide business partners and company employees with the stability typical for bigger companies and the flexibility typical for smaller companies.

PaedDr. Peter Valušiak, DBA

Founder of TSS Group a.s.

  • Experiences 21 years
  • Work for you 184 employees
  • More than 3 410 customers

Who we are?

TSS Group was founded in 2002, focused on solutions in the field of building and vehicle security. Later, the company included also products providing GPS tracking of vehicles and persons. At the present time, the company is divided into three separate product divisions.

In addition to the Slovak and Czech markets, the company succeeds to penetrate other foreign markets. The base of our success is a wide product portfolio, complex solutions and an individual approach to our customers.


  • Peter Vendžúr
    Peter Valušiak Chairman and company director for the Slovak Republic
  • Peter Vendžúr
    Branislav Rojko Board member and company director for the Czech Republic
  • Peter Vendžúr
    Henrich Gero Supervisory Board member and manager of property security
  • Peter Vendžúr
    Peter Vendžúr Supervisory Board Member and car security division manager
  • Peter Vendžúr
    František Megyesi Board member and technical director of the GPS monitoring division

Our vision

Our company's long-term vision is to provide its customers with comprehensive solutions, as well as being a stable and trustworthy partner in the field of security systems.