Universal device for controlling independent heaters by mobile application.

Super Wide Angle Vehicle Cameras

With a real angle of view of 190°, the BC UNI-WIDE can also look around the corner. This makes it an ideal solution for vehicles such as vans...

Make sure you know where you reversing

AHD Wireless camera  / 7" monitor mobile set, supporting up to four cameras to connect, simultaneous multiple view.

Brake light cameras

Brake light cameras - solution for your van

Neoline X76

2 channel black box with incredible picture quality and loads of features


Our latest immobilizer KEETEC TS IMO will ensure you that you will always find your vehicle where you parked it.

Safety First!

Blind Spot Detection system and Baby Car Seat monitoring system

New touchscreen multimedia monitor

10.1" inch touchscreen multimedia monitor lets you play movies and videos from a USB stick, SD card, and other multimedia source that is connected...

Keetec xenon light bulbs

The Keetec brand introduced under its brand light bulbs for original xenon lights with D1S, D2S, D2S, D3S, D4S housing.

New dashboard cameras in our offer

New Nextbase cameras with WIFI and LED conversion kits for headlights

Dash cameras

A device with discreet position in the vehicle will help you record and save important events while driving.

Locate what you need

Live tracking of person, vehicle, working machine luggage or pets has never been easier.

New xenon HID conversion kits

H7 orH4 error free CAN BUS xenon kits

The new M CAN interface

We have innovated and improved the M CAN module to fit your needs even more

NEW products - WINTER 2017

Jump starter 11120, new parking camera and universal holders for smartphones and tablets

Perfect OEM LOOK

Parking sensors Steelmate 14D-17, perfect aligned with the bumper

Never run out of power

Emergency Start & Recharge Kit, Jump starter 7200 is a small-size device designed to start the vehicle in cold weather.

Proteng Engine

Self-start extinguisher suitable for installation in the engine compartment, can prevent from huge damage and protect the crew's health.


CAN BUS car alarm with new functions for even simpler installation


Revolution in car security. TSS Group is the exclusive distributor of Pandora for EU.


Cutting edge car alarm with bluetooth technology and mobile application.