New features for Keetec Blade

Based on market requirements, we have upgraded the Keetec BLADE system with practical innovations for an advanced level of vehicle security.

Keetec RIDER

Unique immobilizer engineered for effective blocking of START/STOP button or any low current circuits in modern vehicles like automatic...

Keetec BLADE

The KEETEC BLADE takes the installation of CAN BUS car alarms to a new level. Innovations significantly speed up fitting and bring also a number...


Universal device for controlling independent heaters by mobile application.

Super Wide Angle Vehicle Cameras

With a real angle of view of 190°, the BC UNI-WIDE can also look around the corner. This makes it an ideal solution for vehicles such as vans...

Make sure you know where you reversing

AHD Wireless camera  / 7" monitor mobile set, supporting up to four cameras to connect, simultaneous multiple view.


Our latest immobilizer KEETEC TS IMO will ensure you that you will always find your vehicle where you parked it.