Keetec BLADE
Trends & Technologies • 07.12.2022

Keetec BLADE

Wild times. This is definitely the way to call the period in which we have all been living for almost two years. The COVID-19 pandemic, but also the critical situation on the semiconductor component market. All this rushed into our private as well as work lives without warning and we were forced to face it.

However, in accordance with "What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger", here at TSS we started working hard to overcome new obstacles. It was not an easy task, but the result is that, as the only manufacturer of car alarms in Europe, we are able to present a completely new car alarm that meets all the requirements of the modern market.


We present the latest car alarm Keetec BLADE made by TSS GROUP Slovakia.



One of the most important things in developing a good car alarm is:

  • Intensive listening to the requirements of professional installers.
  • Constant monitoring of vehicle manufacturers' and customers' trends.
  • By carefully considering all the requirements and their subsequent application to the new system, we are able to develop equipment for professional vehicle security, but at the same time to make the assembly process itself more efficient.

The result is a device for an advanced level of security, which is also easy to assemble and operate.



The times when an "ordinary" car alarm could reliably protect the car from theft or break-in are over. Unfortunately, thieves and carjackers have adapted to the changing times and discovered weaknesses in the security of the latest vehicles. Especially keyless entry vehicles suffer from a very low level of protection.

The solution is the additional authorization of the owner when unlocking or starting the vehicle. The Keetec BLADE car alarm also comes with an optional function in which unlocking the vehicle or starting it is conditional upon entering a unique PIN code via the buttons on the multifunction steering wheel. In the near future, it will also be possible to supplement the Keetec BLADE system with elegant authorization tags, which can also fulfill the mentioned function, even in hands-free mode.



The equipment of today's modern vehicles includes a number of technologies and an enormous number of devices associated with them, which are hidden under the dashboards. Thus, finding a place to place another device that will be hidden deep in the bowels of the dashboard becomes an increasingly difficult task. Our team of developers therefore focused on minimizing the dimensions of the control unit itself. The result is one of the smallest car alarms in its class on the market.



The process of fitting a security system for vehicles basically consists of two parts. Connecting the device to the vehicle and set up the device for communication with a specific vehicle. Speed of the process of connecting the device to the vehicle can be influenced exclusively by the skills of the installer himself. However, the time of set up is directly proportional to the quality and clarity of the setting interface.

Simplicity, clarity and intuitive control were our main goals for the development of the software application for Keetec BLADE setup. The result is an intuitive application for devices with the Windows operating system - BLADE Software. Without the need for additional programming devices, without installation, software or "drivers", it is thus possible to completely set all the necessary functions, update the software or open the connection diagram for a specific vehicle.