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KEMO M069N ultrasonic repeller for moles and voles

The M069N ultrasonic repeller generates intense seismic vibrations at short time intervals that efficiently pass through ...

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Battery Guard 12V/24V M148-24

Battery guard for 12V or 24V batteries, it will disconnect electrical appliances such as coolers, heaters, televisions, additional lights, and the external subwoofer, etc. Appliance will be switched on automatically again, after the battery ...

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KEMO M071N repellent 4 speakers 10-40kHz

M094N is a universal ultrasonic generator with 4 speakers suitable for larger spaces. Sends aggressively pulsating ultrasonic waves which animals perceive as very ...

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KEMO M248 martens repellent, batteries

Universal ultrasonic martens and rodent repellent, long life device powered by 2 x AA batteries. High quality german product for use in the vehicles, at home, in ...

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KEMO M100N marten repellent

Produces aggressive ultrasonic sounds not audible to men which martens find extremely annoying and so try to avoid them, if possible. To be mounted in the engine compartment of motor vehicles.

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KEMO M180 marten repellent

To repel martens in cars, houses, etc. Produces aggressive ultrasonic sounds inaudible to men, which martens find very annoying and try to avoid if possible. May be mounted at the entrance holes of the cars.

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Kemo M188 Battery status panel 12V

The battery guard module, lighting the combination of three different color LED, indicates actual voltage of a 12V battery in five levels.

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KEMO M071N repellent 8 to 40 kHz

M071N is a universal ultrasonic generator, sends aggressively pulsating ultrasonic waves which animals perceive as very disturbing and uncomfortable. The device ...

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KEMO M234 Ultrasonic Anti marten device, 230V

Ultrasonic martens repellent and other rodents, universal with 230V power supply. Extremely durable device, waterproof in accordance with IP65, resistant against ...

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KEMO M186 marten repellent

Ultrasonic martens and rodents repellent with 6 high-voltage plates. German quality product designed for use in automobiles, agricultural machinery, tractors, wiring through the vehicle's ignition.

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