Thinkware is the Korean manufacturer of state-of-the-art dash cameras and is the leader in the global market. It was the first to offer a model with QHD resolution. The dash cameras are equipped with Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS). Thinkware products are recognized not only for their technology and quality, but also for their outer design, which has won three world design awards (If, IDEA and Reddot). It confirms its uniqueness by meeting strict internal criteria and also by obtaining the necessary certificates. Thinkware also supplies dash cameras into OEM of some car brands (Volvo, Ford, GM). Thinkware cares about public relations and since it was founded (in 2007) has been constantly developing global PR activities, mainly in the automotive media, but the company is often evaluated also by economic and financial media.

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Thinkware U1000 2CH Dashcam 2-channels 4K WiFi Cloud GPS

Thinkware’s Flagship Dash camera and advanced assistance system in the exceptional design. 256GB SD card supporting. The ...

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U1000 2CH

Thinkware Q800PRO Dashcam 2K WiFi Cloud GPS

Dash camera and advanced assistance system in an award-winning design. 256GB SD card supporting. The Sony STARVIS 5.14MP optical lens sensor delivers remarkably ...

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Thinkware F200PRO Dashcam FHD WiFi (GPS)

Dash camera and assistance system in a minimalist design. The Silicon Optics Inc F22 image sensor delivers remarkably clear video quality in FullHD, 256GB SD card ...

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Thinkware F100 2CH Dashcam 2-channels FHD (GPS)

F100 Dash camera is fitted with the Sony Exmor IMX208 picture sensor, 128GB SD card supporting, captures video in Full ...

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F100 2CH

Thinkware F70 Dashcam FHD (GPS)

F70 dash cam is fitted with On-Semi AR0237sensor that captures Full HD 1080p video at 30 fr/s, giving you a reliable witness in the event of an accident. Supports ...

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Thinkware SNAPG Gimbal Vlog camera 4K

Smart 3-axis Gimbal Camera that is equipped to stabilize movement and shoot detailed and immaculate videos in 4K. Capture moments smartly while shooting for ...

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Thinkware U1000 RADAR Sensor motion detection in parking mode

The radar sensor allows the recording to be saved in parking mode also before the impact ...

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Thinkware Additional FHD camera

Additional FullHD camera designed for Q800PRO dash camera, It is installed in cars interior, usually on the rear window for an even better accident consideration. ...

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Thinkware Additional IR camera for passengers monitoring

Additional FullHD camera with automatic IR illumination, designed for F200PRO dash camera. The camera catch the interior ...

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Thinkware Additional rear FHD camera

Additional FullHD camera designed for F200PRO dash camera, It is installed in cars interior, usually on the rear window for an even better accident consideration. ...

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Thinkware GPS TW Antenna GPS

An external GPS antenna provides information on the time, speed and location of the vehicle. It is then possible to watch in a PC the position of the vehicle on the map, while playing the video. To use safety camera alerts, the GPS antenna ...

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Thinkware HW CAB Hardwire power cable

Hardwire for permanent installation allows to use the parking mode of the dash camera, cigarette slot in the interior of the vehicle remains free and all wiring ...

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Thinkware LOCKING BOX Camera lock for F70

The locking box is intended to prevent tampering or unauthorized manipulation of the power cable, GPS cable and SD card. It is designed for F70 dash camera and ...

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Thinkware MINI TRIPOD Tripod for snapg camera

MINI TRIPOD accessory is perfect for travel and SNAP-G’s dual mount (¼ mount and M4 mount) ensures you can focus on your journey and travel smart while vlogging.

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