Contactless immobilization relay PROTEC VW


Wireless immobilization relay for VW group vehicles with a range of detection up to 5 m. Easy and quick installation by replacing the original relay to PROTEC in the fuse box of the vehicle. The vehicle is protected against theft...


PROTEC VW is the wireless immobilization relay with SMART feature (Contactless activation / deactivation system). It is designed for the VW group vehicles with 12V supply voltage and serves to enhance the protection against starting the vehicle by unauthorized person. Installation is very simple, because you just replace the original relays (starter, fuel pump relay,ignition) with PROTEC immobilizer.

Technical parameters

  • Current rating of contacts: 30A
  • Range of Receiver: 4 to 5 m
  • Current consumption in the activated state: 11 mA


Weight 0.07 kg

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