CAN BUS interfaces

Distribútor a veľkoobchod CAN BUS modulov s čítaním a zápisom. V ponuke nájdete univerzálne moduly značky KEETEC na čítanie rôznych údajov z CAN BUS zbernice vozidla.

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Keetec TAXI CAN speed converter from OBD2 socket

The KEETEC TAXI CAN module is designed for vehicles equipped with CAN bus and OBD2 standard supported and 12V power ...

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Keetec M CAN interface

Keetec M CAN is an universal CAN bus interface designed for reading and writing data to the CAN bus for vehicles with 12/24V power supply.

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M CAN v2

Keetec TAXI CAN tester

TAXI CAN Tester is designed for client tester, which allows quick check whether the selected vehicle would work properly with the TAXI CAN module. TAXI CAN Tester module is fitted with OBD2 connector and service button together with a signaling ...

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TAXI CAN tester

CAN R/S module

Interface with ability not only to read, but also to write to CAN BUS! It allows without any other connection to control central door lock, power windows, trunk open, horn, direction lights etc. (see the list of supported functions for your car).

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