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Thinkware MB100 Video splitter module 1-4

The MB100 video splitter allows to connect up to 4 additional cameras to the main camera (F200PRO or T700). You will get a record of what happened in the vehicle ...

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Thinkware SIDE CAM Additional exterior side camera

SIDE CAM is a low-profile exterior rear-view camera that fits neatly on either side of the vehicle to cover the blind ...

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Thinkware CL CAB Cigarette slot connection cabling

Cabling for connecting the Thinkware car camera to the vehicle's cigarette socket. User-friendly camera connection.

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Thinkware HW CAB Hardwire power cable

Hardwire for permanent installation allows to use the parking mode of the dash camera, cigarette slot in the interior of the vehicle remains free and all wiring ...

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Thinkware HOLDER TW Spare holder for dashcam

Spare holder for Thinkware F200PRO, F70 and F100 dash cams.

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CL CABLE Power cable to CL slot

The power cable allows you to connect electrical accessories with a 5V power supply to a vehicle with an on-board voltage of 12/24V. Connection to the cigarette ...

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Thinkware REAR CAB Rear camera cable micro usb-jack 6m

Cable 6m long, designed for connecting and allowing to place the additional F200PRO REAR IR camera in the rear of the ...

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Thinkware LOCKING BOX2 Camera lock for t700

The locking box is intended to prevent unauthorized handling of the power cable and SD card. It is designed for T700 dash cams and recommended for use in ...

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Thinkware U1000 RADAR Sensor motion detection in parking mode

The radar sensor allows the recording to be saved in parking mode also before the impact ...

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Thinkware GPS TW Antenna GPS

An external GPS antenna provides information on the time, speed and location of the vehicle. It is then possible to watch in a PC the position of the vehicle on the map, while playing the video. To use safety camera alerts, the GPS antenna ...

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Thinkware LOCKING BOX Camera lock for F70

The locking box is intended to prevent tampering or unauthorized manipulation of the power cable, GPS cable and SD card. It is designed for F70 dash camera and ...

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Neoline KAB7 3 wire for X72 or X-COP 8700S

3-wire power cable for Neoline X72 camera. The cable allows permanent connection of the camera with the use of parking mode with the ignition off, hidden ...

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Neoline KAB7

GPS ANT BDVR GPS antenna, 3.5 mm Jack

External GPS antenna with a 3.5mm jack connector.

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Power cable Neoline KAB1

The adapter 12V/24V allows you to connect the camera Neoline X-COP 9100S and X-COP 9300 S in the car through the fuse box so that the cigarette lighter slot remainsunoccupied.

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Neoline KAB1

Neoline H1 holder to Neoline X-COP

Holder to Neoline X-COP 9100S and X-COP 9300 S.

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Neoline H1
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Mini USB Alarm/PC