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LED work lights and ramps

Work lights have a wide range of use thanks to their various parameters. A high input voltage is required for forklifts, while the powerful light beam and resistance to vibrations are required for agricultural and work equipment. Interior lights for motorhomes are expected of slim design for surface installation and light weight. The common features for each product is the white LED light and the quality of the design.

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WL 0807-40 Work LED light, 9-32V, 3.400lm, Flood, 60G, CISPR certificate

LED HEAVY-DUTY Work light, 4x10W 9-32V OSRAM LED

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WL 0807-40
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WL 0807-60

WL 6018-18 Work LED light, 9-32V, 18W, DT connector 1.440lm, Flood

LED work light, for reversing, 6x3W 9-32V CREE LED

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WL 6018-18
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WL 3019-18

WL 7091-90 Additional LED light, 9-32V, 90W, 8.100lm

Driving LED light, work light, 18x5W 9-32V CREE XTE LED

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WL 7091-90
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WL 7073-73

SI9 CW24BK Exterior LED light, white, 12V, 852 lm, black cover

Exterior LED light, white color, 12V, 852 lm, black cover. The light is designed for vertical ...

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ECCO EW2450 work light square, 9x3W LED, white

LED work light square, 9x3W LED, 12-24V, white.

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