Keyless entry systems

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Keetec CZ 10 Keyless entry system with ecu

Keyless entry system KEETEC CZ 10 - 2pcs of remote controls RC MOTO. Trunk control, remote central locking (lock/unlock) 500mA, optical signals.

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CZ 10

Keetec CZ 100 Keyless entry system with ecu

KEETEC CZ 100 – central lock on remote control, hopping code, trunk control, sequential output for direction indicators easy connection, 2pcs transmitters, ...

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CZ 100

BENE 102 A Keyless entry system with ecu

2 remote controllers, universal relay output (+ or - ) 0,5s, output to lights, output to trunk open

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BENE 102 A

BENE 302 Keyless entry system with ecu

2 remote controllers with hopping code, relay output with adjustable impulse duration, double impulse, trunk release, AUX, intelligent hazard light output.

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BENE 302

BENE 322 Central locking with remote control

Remote controlled universal CDL for 4 doors. 2 master, 2 slave actuators.

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BENE 322