Keetec CZ 100 Keyless entry system with ecu

| CZ 100

KEETEC CZ 100 – central lock on remote control, hopping code, trunk control, sequential output for direction indicators easy connection, 2pcs transmitters, control unit, cable tie

Central locking control unit KEETEC CZ 100 with hopping code and many number of user functions - includes 2 pieces of remote controls RC MOTO. Function CZ 10 are supplemented by inteligent output for directional lights control, built-in unlocking/locking relay of central locking system, vallet switch with LED diode located in the interior of vehicle.

System Description

  • RF receiver with an extremely long range for control system
  • locking the central locking system when ignition turned on
  • sequential output with automatic calibration of the directional lights flashes time
  • trunk opening control
  • optical signalisation
  • adjustable length of unlock pulse
  • rollup the power windows - extended lock pulse
  • double lock / unlock pulse
  • input for directional lights flashing control
  • programming by service button

Package Contents

  • control unit
  • cabling
  • 2 pieces of remote controls

Remote control type



Product type Keyless entry systems, Central Locking Systems, Central locking systems
Producer Keetec
Weight 0.4 kg

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