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TSS Group is the exclusive distributor of Thinkware dash cameras. The black boxes are used for permanent recording while driving, or even in a parked vehicle (parking mode) and Its a great helper when confronted with another participant in a damage event. The camera stores video recordings from the area in front of the vehicle and sound, or records also the GPS position of the vehicle, based on which it is possible to play a video recording on a PC together with the route displayed in Google Maps. For good video recording result even under the low light conditions, it is necessary to use a camera with a quality optical sensor, chip and lens.

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Neoline X-COP 9100S Hybrid dash camera

Hybrid dashcam with advanced features and radar detector. Full HD recording offers great person or license plate recognition and the GPS module provides accurate ...

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Neoline X-COP 9100S

Thinkware U1000 2CH Dashcam 2-channels 4K WiFi Cloud GPS

Thinkware’s Flagship Dash camera and advanced assistance system in the exceptional design. 256GB SD card supporting. The ...

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U1000 2CH

Thinkware T700 Dashcam 4G LTE WiFi Cloud GPS

Dash camera 1080p fullHD supports 4G LTE and allows real-time remote access/viewing and receiving push notifications via the Thinkware Connected LTE mobile app. ...

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Thinkware M1 2CH Motokamera 2-channels WiFi GPS

The M1 sports cam - Durable, Stable, Reliable Uses cutting edge electronic image stabilization for smooth and steady ...

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M1 2CH

Thinkware Q800PRO Dashcam 2K WiFi Cloud GPS

Dash camera and advanced assistance system in an award-winning design. 256GB SD card supporting. The Sony STARVIS 5.14MP optical lens sensor delivers remarkably ...

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Thinkware F200PRO Dashcam FHD WiFi (GPS)

Dash camera and assistance system in a minimalist design. The Silicon Optics Inc F22 image sensor delivers remarkably clear video quality in FullHD, 256GB SD card ...

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Thinkware F100 2CH Dashcam 2-channels FHD (GPS)

F100 Dash camera is fitted with the Sony Exmor IMX208 picture sensor, 128GB SD card supporting, captures video in Full ...

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F100 2CH

Thinkware F70 Dashcam FHD (GPS)

F70 dash cam is fitted with On-Semi AR0237sensor that captures Full HD 1080p video at 30 fr/s, giving you a reliable witness in the event of an accident. Supports ...

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M700 Dashcam rearview mirror, touch screen

Dash camera integrated in the rearview mirror, with a built-in 10" touch screen. The mirror has the 2-channel recording function and at the same time It is a ...

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Thinkware MB100 Video splitter module 1-4

The MB100 video splitter allows to connect up to 4 additional cameras to the main camera (F200PRO or T700). You will get a record of what happened in the vehicle ...

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Thinkware SIDE CAM Additional exterior side camera

SIDE CAM is a low-profile exterior rear-view camera that fits neatly on either side of the vehicle to cover the blind ...

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Thinkware BAB50 HW Power supply iVolt 4.500 mAh

Universal power source intended for dashcams mainly, with 4.500 mAh battery built-in. It allows to use the whole ...

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Thinkware REAR CAM IR Additional IR exterior camera

The exterior infrared camera REAR CAM IR is a useful accessory for owners of motorhomes, caravans, vans, pickups, or ...

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CL CABLE Power cable to CL slot

The power cable allows you to connect electrical accessories with a 5V power supply to a vehicle with an on-board voltage of 12/24V. Connection to the cigarette ...

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Thinkware REAR CAB Rear camera cable micro usb-jack 6m

Cable 6m long, designed for connecting and allowing to place the additional F200PRO REAR IR camera in the rear of the ...

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Thinkware LOCKING BOX2 Camera lock for t700

The locking box is intended to prevent unauthorized handling of the power cable and SD card. It is designed for T700 dash cams and recommended for use in ...

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Thinkware U1000 RADAR Sensor motion detection in parking mode

The radar sensor allows the recording to be saved in parking mode also before the impact ...

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Thinkware Q800PRO REAR additional FHD camera

Additional FullHD camera designed for Q800PRO dash camera, It is installed in cars interior, usually on the rear window for an even better accident consideration. ...

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Thinkware F200PRO REAR IR additional IR camera for passengers monitoring

Additional FullHD camera with automatic IR illumination, designed for F200PRO dash camera. The ...

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Thinkware F200PRO REAR additional rear FHD camera

Additional FullHD camera designed for F200PRO dash camera, It is installed in cars interior, usually on the rear window ...

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