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Pandora PS-333 miniature siren

Pandora PS-333 piezo siren with small dimensions designed for tight spaces.

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Keetec AR 103 backup electronic siren

Advance Electronic siren with built-in battery. 1-tone, 115 dB, 20 W

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AR 103

Pandora PS-332 bluetooth backup siren

Bluetooth backup siren for Pandora systems.

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Pandora PS-332

Pandora PS-331BT bluetooth siren with temperature sensor

Bluetooth siren with temperature sensor for Pandora systems.

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Pandora PS-331

Keetec AS 35 siren

Electronic siren KEETEC, 1-Tone, 120 dB, 20 W

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AS 35

Pandora PS-330 siren

Piezoelectric Siren Pandora PS-330 with high acoustic pressure and waterproof design.

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Pandora PS-330