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OEM parking camera modules

Modules that allow the display of the original parking camera (from the factory) on the newly installed radio (with RCA video input).

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BCA-DUCATO Module for OEM camera, Ducato 2021

OEM Reversing camera retention module, specially designed for use on the Fiat Ducato Series 8 (2021-). This easy-to-install plug-and-play product allows users to ...

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BCA-VW01 module for OEM camera

Module for connecting OEM parking camera to additionally mounted navigation or car stereo with input for rear view camera for VW cars and camera with firm guide-lines.

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BCA-MIT01 module for OEM camera, Mitsubishi

Adapter for connecting OEM parking camera to additionaly mounted radio unit, Mitsubishi Outlander III.

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Universal module for oem parking camera BCA-UNI

Universal module for connecting oem parking camera to an aftermarket car head unit.

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BCA-GOLF7 cable for OEM camera, VW Golf 7

Connecting cable for connecting OEM parking camera to aftermarket navigation or car stereo with RCA parking camera input, for Volkswagen Golf VII. cars.

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