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DS 512 GPS is GSM car alarm designed for vehicles with CAN BUS. Suitable to use as a GSM pager for alreadyinstalled car alarm.  In addition, it is equipped with a GPS receiver, which allows the user to locate the exact vehicle. The device can be controlled remotely using SMS commands or mobile applications (Android).


DS 512 GPS GSM car alarm is designed for vehicles with CAN BUS. Suitable to use as a GSM pager for already installed car alarm. Car alarm can be controlled using the original remote control of the vehicle, with a simple SMS command or via mobile application. Simple and easy programming via PC, special programmer not necessary to use. Possible to write information directly to the CAN BUS for central locking control and directional lights control. (see a list of supported vehicles).

DS 512 GPS can be used in 4 modes:
1. Full car alarm - car alarm with connection to CAN BUS, with audible and visual signaling
2. Silent car alarm - car alarm with connection to CAN BUS, without sound and visual signaling
3. OEM PAGER - pager for factory CAN BUS car alarm
4. PAGER - pager for any nonoriginal car alarm

Description of the system:

  • control by SMS or mobile application (Android and iOs)
  • SMS instruction protected 5-digit PIN code
  • adjustable 3 phone numbers
  • triggered alarm is signaled by voice call or SMS
  • Indicates low battery in the vehicle
  • built-in backup battery
  • SMS forwarding received on the phone. SIM card number in DS 512
  • Locating Vehicle GPS
  • quiet / loud activation system
  • direct connection of two additional sensors
  • alarm car alarm status LED
  • option off of sensors
  • trunk release while the car alarm
  • automatic control inputs after the system
  • output for the engine block
  • memory Section
  • signaling open doors, hood, trunk when activated
  • programming via PC setup
  • output tightening windows (VW vehicles)
  • output direction (parking) lights
  • sequential output signal lights
  • emergency deactivation PIN

Tytan GPS application (Android  and iOs)

Car alarm DS 512 GPS allways contains latest database of supported vehicles. The database is updated regularly. Software version can be changed using the mini USB cable (not included)!

Android application:

Apple iOS application:

Package Contents:

  • control unit, GPS antenna, wiring harness, LED, service key, user manual, relay

Note: Package does not contain the siren.


Weight 1.064 kg

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