Keetec BS 400 LED parking assistant

| BS 400 LED

Rear parking system KEETEC with 4 sensors, modern LED display and Antihook function. It can be used as rear or front assistant. Set up the sensitivity of sensors.


Parking Assist KEETEC BS 400 LED is designed for passenger vehicles. Houses 4 sensors with a diameter of 19 mm and adjustable range for use in the back of the vehicle. Sensor sensitivity is adjustable. When used in front of the car BS 400 includes LEDs for input signal connection speed, which is used for automatic on / off for exceeding the set speed.

Distance from the obstacle is signaled optically and acoustically, acoustic signal can be set according to distance from either 1.5 or 0.5 m. BS 400 LED contains the Anti-hook, which ensures that parking sensor doesn't recognize hitch or spare on the tailgate as a barrier.
Range of sensors is from 0.3 to 1,5m.

Technical parameters:

  • Power supply: 9-16V
  • Operating temperature: -30 up to +70°C
  • Dimension of display: 148x20x17 mm
  • Current: 20-200 mA
  • Ultrasonic wave of sensors: 40kHz

Packaging contains:

  • control unit
  • 4 pcs sensors with diameter 19mm
  • LED display
  • cabling
  • tool for making a hole in the bumper


Power Suply 12VDC
Number of sensors 4 sensors
Manufacturer Keetec
Display LED display
Sensors colour black matt
Sensor type Basic
Weight 0.6 kg

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