Keetec CSH 2 carbon seat heater (color box)

| CSH 2

Carbon fiber seat heating system KEETEC with dual-zone heating for soothing lower back pain and adding car seat comfort that works with cloth or leather vehicle seats.Four-position switch high/medium/low, on/off.

Carbon KEETEC CSH 2 heated seats for a car seat with automatic temperature control (thermostat). It is installed under fabric upholstery of saddle and backrest part of the seat. It provides uniform heating across the surface at 3 temperature levels. After the heater is turned on, it is automatically set on third position, after about 20 mins, it is automatically switched to 2-position and after another 20 mins, it is on 1-position, then it will keep on 1-position, you can adjust the position manually according to your needs.

  • For 1 seat (saddle + backrest)
  • KEETEC CSH 1 suitable for most of the types of seats with textile or leather seat upholstery
  • 3 levels of heating:
    • 3. level: 65º - upper LED lights
    • 2. level: 50º - middle LED lights
    • 1. level: 40º - lower LED lights
  • Automatic temperature control by thermostat
  • Designed for mounting under the seat upholstery - mounted invisibly
  • power supply 12V
  • dimensions of heating element: 47,5x25,5 cm

Package Contents:

  • OEM design button (1. level / 2. level / 3. level)
  • saddle part of the heating surface
  • backrest part of the heating surface
  • cabling
  • mounting accessory


Product type Seat Heaters
Manufacturer KEETEC
Installation For assembly
Heating levels 3 levels of heating
Weight 0.72 kg

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