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| Mistral Max2

Keetec Mistral Max2 – new version of car alarm – it includes 2 pcs of remote controls, one zone shock sensor, relay output for central locking and trunk release, two AUX output, security loop, programming by PC and other features increased the comfort and security of the vehicles.

Keetec Mistral Max2 combines the best features, quality and versatility of previous models of one way alarms Mistral MAX and Radix.
The Mistral MAX2 is made into small casing with one main connector. The alarm providing standard security as monitoring of doors, hood, shock sensor, additional sensor, ignition and security loop. When alarm is triggered the engine immobilization is activated by stat-kill output.
Alarm over previous models has the following extra features:

  • Pager output ( when alarm triggered, pager output is ON)
  • Security loop (allows to connect another guarded circuit, e.g. trailer)
  • Independent outputs AUX1 and AUX2 with an optional way of activation
  • Possibility to set up the siren noise level (when alarm ON / OFF)
  • Possibility to disable flashing direction indicators (when alarm ON / OFF)
  • Programming by PC!

The Mistral MAX2 comes with two different remote controllers with hopping code.

  • Remote controller R1 has 5 buttons. (3 main buttons and 2 side buttons). It allows to control functions directly by pressing the appropriate button.
  • Remote controller 3T has 3 buttons. It allows to control functions by pressing the appropriate button, but some functions by pressing a combination of two buttons.
  • Both remote controllers have a blue LED, indicating button press.

Remote controllers

  • two pieces 1way version
  • 3 and 5 buttons
  • maximal four controllers in system
  • range up to 50 meters
  • remote with hopping code


  • one zone shock sensor (into set)
  • one zone additional sensor (as Ultra)
  • bypass sensors by remote
  • automatic bypass defective sensor


  • additional one zone sensor input
  • door, hood input
  • start-kill output
  • light (NO/COM relay) output / sequential function optional
  • two auxiliary output (optional) with adjustable pulse length and functions
  • trunk open (NO/COM relay) output
  • lock/unlock (NC/NO/COM relay ) output (0.8s, 4s, 15s, double pulse)
  • ignition output
  • security loop

Safety features

  • monitoring of open doors
  • memory state at power loss, memory alarm
  • quite / loud activation
  • rearming
  • passive arming
  • PANIC function
  • dome light delay
  • emergency deactivation by PIN code
  • valet mode

Comfort features

  • flashing when the doors is open
  • drive lock (lock by ignition)
  • vehicle search
  • option to disable the turn indicators when locking / unlocking
  • AUX 1 output as window closure pulse
  • AUX 2 output for mirror folding by ignition
  • 4 type of siren sound for recognition your vehicles

Technical parameters

  • type of siren: no back-up 12V/20W
  • operational temperature: -40°C — +85°C
  • power supply: 12 - 14 V
  • type of RF communication: OOK modulation/hopping code
  • RF power: 10 mW
  • operational frequency: 433,92 MHz


  • Control unit
  • 2 pcs of remote controls
  • valet switch with LED diode
  • harness
  • 1-zone shock sensor
  • hood switch
  • siren
  • instruction manuals


Type Car alarms
Connection Analog
Manufacturer Keetec
Remote control Remote control
Weight 0.82 kg

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