Keetec V D1S-4300 xenon bulb

| V D1S-4300

HID xenon bulb KEETECD1S base, designed for original xenon headlamps with 4300K color - white light.

HID xenon bulb KEETECD1S base, designed for original xenon headlamps with 4300K color - white light.

  • luminous flux:                            3.300lm
  • rise of nominal luminous flux: 20% in 0.8 seconds, 80% in 4 seconds
  • decrease of luminous flux:      only 250lm / 500h, residual luminous flux 70%
  • average life:                               3.000h
  • power:                                        35W
  • lamp power:                              85V
  • Certificates:                               CE certificate, ECE R99 approval


Color temperature 4300K
Manufacturer Keetec
Bulb type D1S
Weight 0.122 kg

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