Pandora LIGHT v2 two-way CAN BUS car alarm

| Pandora LIGHT v2

Pandora LIGHT is an all-around convenient car security, remote start and telemetry system. It has a dialogue encrypted 2-way OLED remote that allows monitoring car parameters and safely issuing dozens of commands. Small sized base unit is equipped with a powerful built-in 868 MHz antenna and can connect to CAN-bus and LIN. Remote start function allows to configure automatic starts by weekdays, hours, engine temperature, voltage, as well as providing turbo-timer function and remote start directly issued from the remote.

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Pandora LIGHT is a premium car service-security system, built for cars with on-board voltage of 12V. It is a complex engineering solution which includes car security system, telemetry, remote and automatic engine start and various service options, all accessible via RF control remote that can replace your factory remote. This system is designed to be all-in-one car service and security solution and requires no additional modules: it includes algorithmic keyless bypass that works with many popular car models. For even more convenience, it allows remote control over Webasto or Eberspaecher preheaters – and even sequential use for automatic engine start. E-mark approval ECE 116, tested and certified by TÜV SÜD.

System features
2-way remote with OLED display

  • Arming and disarming security system using separate buttons.
  • Controls status of 14 independent security zones.
  • Vibrating alert.
  • 16 notification ringtones.
  • Automatic lighting of the OLED display.
  • Vibration confirmation of the button press.
  • AAA battery (1,5V).
  • Battery level indicator.
  • Current time indication, alarm clock.
  • Time synchronizes with the base unit for exact time stamp in the event history.
  • Engine* and interior temperature, voltage indication.
  • Prompt remote access to the settings of shock sensor.
  • Prompt remote access to the settings of motion sensor.
  • View event history with time and event stamps.
  • Automatic control of RF coverage zone.

Base unit

  • Dialog coding of control commands sent at a frequency of 868 MHz.
  • Individual 128-bit encryption key.
  • Event history with exact time stamps is stored in the base unit and is transferred to the remote when it is in range.
  • Can be complemented with BM-103/105 single-wire digital block relay.
  • Built-in integral accelerometer for determining motion and shocks with adaptive processing algorithm and sensitivity controls via the remote.
  • Monitoring of on-board voltage.
  • Separate inputs for hood and trunk sensors.
  • Advanced processing of sensor data, eliminating false alarm possibilities.
  • Precision measurement of interior and engine* temperature, displayed on the remote.
  • Sequential unlocking of the doors.
  • Arming when the engine is running.
  • Automatic arming.
  • Registers delay for interior lighting when arming.
  • Software updates via built-in micro-USB socket.

* Engine temperature indication is available only if temperature sensor is connected. The sensor availability depends on the system set. Temperature sensor (optional accessories)

Car security zones
Pandora LIGHT service-security system guards following independent zones with corresponding zone notifications on the remote and recording alarms into the event history:

  • car doors perimeter (separate for every door)
  • front hood triggers
  • trunk triggers
  • ignition trigger
  • brake pedal button
  • triggering of the shock sensor (warning level)*
  • triggering of the shock sensor (alarm level)
  • triggering of the motion sensor
  • triggering of the tilt sensor
  • critically low on-board voltage
  • OEM car alarm status (via CAN-bus)
  • triggering of the additional sensor (warning level)
  • triggering of the additional sensor (alarm level)

All* alarm events are recorded into system’s non-volatile memory with coordinates, date and exact time the event happened. Event history can be read using a remote.

System set

  • Base unit
  • Main control remote with OLED display
  • Main cable
  • Cable with VALET button
  • LIN interface wire
  • IMMO-KEY-interface cable
  • Fastening kit
  • User installation manual with wiring diagram
  • Blocking Relay
  • Temperature sensor (optional accessories)
  • Packaging


Remote control Remote control, Factory remote control
Features Remote start
Manufacturer Pandora
Connection CAN-BUS
Weight 0.558 kg

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