Pandora MINI MOTO motorcycle alarm


Pandora MINI MOTO is modern premium quality motorcycle alarm with Bluetooth 5.0. wireless technology controlled by smartphone app.

Pandora MINI MOTO is a motorcycle alarm designed to secure a motorcycle. It contains a design contactless remote used to authorization the owner with the possibility of control in the "hands-free" mode.

System characteristics

Control unit

  • Integrated 2.4 GHz module with low power Bluetooth 5.0 support.
  • Mobile application for Android.
  • «Secret PIN-code» for disarming and disabling immobilizer.
  • Hands Free mode for arming/disarming.
  • Two «Anti-Hi-Jack» algorithms.
  • «Automating arming» mode.
  • «Code Immobilizer» mode.
  • Dialog coding of control commands.
  • Individual 128-bit encryption key.
  • Built-in integral accelerometer for determining motion and shocks.
  • Advanced processing of sensor data, eliminating false alarm possibilities.
  • Firmware updates via built-in micro-USB socket.

Immobilizer tags

  • Dialog coding of control commands.
  • Individual 128-bit encryption key.
  • Built-in LED indicator.
  • Built-in button to control over security modes.
  • Built-in accelerometer.

Monitored motorcycle zones

  • Trunk
  • Ignition
  • Brakes, clutch
  • Shake Sensor Level 1 (Warning) 2nd Level (Alarm)
  • Motion sensor
  • Tilt sensor
  • Voltage drop

Package contents

  • Control unit
  • Remote control (BT-780)
  • Service button
  • Installation instructions
  • Installation cabling
  • Clamping set
  • Blocking relay
  • Box
  • Siren (Pandora PS-330)
  • Magnetic switches

Mobile application



Type Motorcycle alarms
Remote control Factory remote control, Bluetooth mobile app, Remote control
Manufacturer Pandora
Features Bluetooth
Weight 0.523 kg

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