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Pandora MOTO EU is a two-way moto alarm for advanced level of motorcycle secuity. The system provides a comprehensive solution with two-way communication and a remote start function.

08 01 dialog code

Pandora MOTO EU is a two-way moto alarm designed to secure a motorcycle. The system includes a waterproof control unit that communicates with a two-way remote control with 868MHz frequency, enabling the user to determine the current state of the motorcycle.

System characteristics

Control unit

  • Communication using 868 MHz.
  • Integrated accelerometer for shock, motion and tilt detection.
  • Integrated backup battery.
  • Input for connection of an external temperature sensor.
  • Micro USB port for adjusting and updating the system.
  • Check the voltage.
  • Memiry for events history, events displayed on the remote control.

Two-way remote control

  • OLED display.
  • Vibration of the controller (vibrating when button is pressed).
  • 16 different melodies for notifications.
  •  AAA battery (1.5V).
  •  Battery status indicator.

Monitored motorcycle zones

  • Trunk
  • Ignition
  • Brakes, clutch
  • Shake Sensor Level 1 (Warning) 2nd Level (Alarm)
  • Motion sensor
  • Tilt sensor
  • Voltage drop

Package contents

  • Control unit
  • Two-way remote control
  • Service button
  • Installation instructions
  • Engine temperature sensor
  • Installation cabling
  • Clamping set
  • Blocking relay
  • Box
  • Siren (Pandora PS-330)
  • Magnetic switches


Type Motorcycle alarms
Manufacturer Pandora
Weight 0.625 kg

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