Parking camera video input BCMI-VW GOLF7


Video input to connect a aftermarket parking camera, for Volkswagen Golf VII with MIB / MIB STD2, Discovery Pro, Discovery Media navigation.


Video input for connecting aftermarket parking camera for Volkswagen Golf VII with MIB / MIB STD2, Discovery Pro, Discovery Media.

  • Input signal only for NTSC cameras
  • Automatic switching (requires drive encoding)
  • The original OPS parking system must be installed

Suitable for vehicles with MIB Standard / High navigation system.

  • Volkswagen
    • Golf VII
    • Caddy (15-)
    • Passat (14-)
    • Sharan (15-)
    • T-6 (15-)
    • Touran (15-)
  • Seat
  • Škoda

Designed for systems:

  • Seat: Media System Plus MIB
  • Škoda: Bolero MIB Std, Amundsem MIB Std, Columbus MIB High, Amundsen MIB STD2, Bolero MIB STD2
  • VW: Composition Media (MIB), Discovery Pro (MIB), Composition Media (MIB STD2), Discover Media (MIB STD2)

* Not compatible with Composition Media with the following numbers:

  • 3Q0035820A
  • 3Q0035820
  • 3Q0035819A
  • 3Q0035819
  • 3Q0035812
  • 5G0035820A
  • 5G0035820
  • 5G0035819A
  • 5G0035819
  • 5G0035812

Note. After the installation, it may still be necessary to enable the parking camera via vehicle diagnostics (via VCDS, VagCom, ...)


Brand of the car VW, Seat, Škoda
Model of the car Golf VII.
Weight 0.23 kg

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