Parking sensors BENE 412

| BENE 412

LED display - shows the distance from the obstacle, 4x sensor (with waterproof connector) into the bumper, drill bit for the sensor hole.

The product is sold out and replaced by a new
BENE 413.

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Parking assistant BENE designed for installation in the rear bumper of the vehicle. Using LED display and audible signal alerts the driver to an obstacle behind the vehicle at a distance of 2.5 to 0.3 meters.

After reverse gear is selected parking assist monitors the area behind the vehicle and if obstacle is located behind the vehicle, warns about it by showing distance in meters on LED display and audible tone at the same time.
Distance change is indicated by frequency acceleration and on display. The minimum distance of 30 cm is indicated by constant tone and displayed value "0.3". Obstacles location is also displayed via LED panel. Adjustable volume allows optimal settings according to user needs.

Package Contents:

  • control unit
  • LED display
  • 4 pcs sensors with diameter 21,7mm
  • cabling
  • tool for making a hole in the bumper

Other details

  • Power supply of main unit: 9 - 16 V
  • Power output: < 0.1 A
  • Temperature resistance: -30°C to +70°C


Power Suply 12VDC
Number of sensors 4 sensors
Manufacturer Bene
Display LED display
Weight 0.58 kg

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