Remote start car alarm Magicar M 1090


The MAGICAR M 1090 AS is highest MAGICAR car alarm model. Unique START button and contactless RFID control of central locking allow "free hand" control of vehicle. The 2-way remote controller, remote start function - this is exclusive combination of comfort and security.


The MAGICAR M 1090 AS is highest MAGICAR car alarm model. The unique technology keyless start and keyless entry provides high quality comfort for owners into vehicles without OEM Keyless Entry Systems. Now, user do not needs FOB key for open the car and for staring the engine. The M1090 remote controller substitute all function of original FOB as locking, unlocking, open trunk. Moreover, remote controller realizes functions as lock/unlock without user touch on buttons.
On the display are showed information like: status car (lock/unlock), actually active function (Turbo, Engine Running, Time Start, Cold Start, Auto, Passive, Drive Lock, Mute) also comfort function (current time, alarm clock, temperature, car battery voltage, remote battery voltage). When the car alarm is triggered, the display shows cause of trigger (door, hood, bonnet, shock sensor, additional sensor). Moreover, during alert the remote controller beeping, vibrating and blinking by red light. The Magicar M 1090 AS is a safety device with the highest level of security.

The RFID transmitter

Function AUTO - keyless locking /unlocking of vehicles is base on RFID technology. It’s means: main unit periodically transmit identification signal. When the remote controller is in range of this signal and the remote will be positive authorized, the alarm will be disarmed and the vehicle can be unlocked. When the remote controller leave area with positive identify of RFID signal, the alarm will be armed and the vehicle can be locked. Positive identify area is aprox. 4-5 meters around vehicle. Alarm allows you to disable transmitting of identification by RFID system for AUTO function. In this case, after 3 or 8 days of inactivity alarm (car in the garage), will stop transmitting RFID information and this will reduce the consumption of alarm.

The START button

Engine start is realized like keyless system, too. The alarm is determined for installation with START button. The switching box and start the engine will be controlled by this button. Moreover, it is equipped with monitoring the presence of control by RFID technology. Original ignition lock cylinder must be demounted and START button is mounted on his place. Alternative: ignition lock cylinder can by leave on his place, but release the lock from the handle and the steering wheel locking mechanism must be removed. The START button can be place on other position on steering column or dashboard. Also, electronic unlock steering wheel is possible.

The Magicar M1090AS dispose remote start engine function. This function is available for car with manual or automatics transmission, too. The engine is possible started by remote controller. You can use it to pre-heat the car in the winter or cool it down in the summer just before your trip starts. The engine running time is settable.

The M1090AS dispose those features for remote start:

Remote start - TIMER - remote start of vehicles is realized in 24 hours cycles at a preset time. The vehicle can be start up also in 4, 8 or 12 hour cycles.
In this case, the countdown for start time begins by turn on the TIMER function on remote - set start time is not used!

Cold and Hot start – remote start of vehicle is realized at preset time only when the temperature is equal or lower (cold start)or higher (hot start) than the preset temperature.

Low level battery – remote start of vehicle is realized every 4 hours but only when battery voltage is under 11.5V .

If the alarm is armed and you have lost or damaged your remote, you can still open and disarm the car by entering a four-digit code via RPS. The code is entered by knocking on RPS sensor. Is recommend set up the code by user immediately after taking the car.


  • 1 way connection
  • 2 way connection
  • Read and write data

Remote controller

  • package includes 1 pcs 2-way remote controller with 4 buttons
  • max. 3 controllers into system
  • signal from car alarm is transmitted onto all learned remote controllers
  • current time
  • alarm clock
  • parking time
  • engine running time
  • vibration on/off
  • temperature
  • car battery voltage / remote battery voltage
  • battery power save mode
  • button lock function
  • strength of RF signal
  • max. range around 2000 meters


  • two zone shock sensor (into package)
  • one zone additional sensor (as Ultra)
  • bypass sensors by remote
  • bypass sensor when AUX is activated (optional)
  • bypass sensor when engine running


  • additional one zone sensor input
  • door, hood, bonnet input
  • start-kill output
  • light (NO/COM relay) output / sequential function optional
  • three auxiliary output (optional) with adjustable pulse length
  • trunk open (NO/COM relay) output
  • lock/unlock (NC/NO/COM relay ) output (0.8s, 4s, 15s, double pulse)
  • parking light input
  • foot brake input
  • glows input for diesel engines
  • ignition, second ignition, accessories and starter output
  • by-pass / key-sense signal output
  • horn/ STATUS signal output
  • manual/automatic transmission select loop

Safety features

  • monitoring of open doors
  • memory state at power loss, memory alarm
  • quite / loud activation
  • rearming
  • passive arming
  • PANIC function
  • dome light delay
  • emergency deactivation by PIN code
  • RFID sensing during start time
  • valet mode

Comfort features

  • lock/unlock car
  • status of car on remote display
  • flashing when the doors is open
  • flashing when the hood is open
  • call for vehicle owner - RPS module
  • 3 level sensitivity of RPS sensor
  • activation/deactivation of system when approaching/leaving to control the vehicle (AUTO function)
  • drive lock (lock by ignition)
  • remotely start by remote controller button
  • adjustable remote engine runtime
  • pre-set timer for time engine start (24 hour)
  • time engine start every 4/8/12 hour
  • cold and hot start function
  • low level battery start
  • turbo mode - turbocharger protection against overheating
  • extension engine running time
  • reservation mode
  • special lock/unlock pulse during or after remote start

Technical parameters

  • type of siren: no back-up /12V/15W
  • operational temperature: -40°C — +85°C
  • power supply: 12 - 14 V
  • type of RF communication: FSK modulation/hopping code and RFID
  • RF power: 10 mW
  • operational frequency: 433,92 MHz and 125kHz


Connection Analog
Features Remote start
Remote control Two-way remote control
Manufacturer Magicar
Weight 1.76 kg

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