Wireless parking sensors FBSN-4RF


Rear parking system APRI with 4 sensors and wireless display.


Rear parking system APRI with 4 sensors and wireless display.

Set not includes drill - drill holes are depending by type of bracket - O18/22/24mm.


  • Automatic deactivation of the front sensors, if the speed exceeds approximately 10km/h (speed signal must be connected)
  • MUTE function - car audio is automatically faded-out during indication of obstacles
  • Time window - front sensor are active after the ignition switching ON
  • Fault sensor is automatically detected
  • Settable volume of the speaker

Technical parameters:

  • Supply voltage: 9-30V DC
  • Current consumption: 100 mA max.
  • Operational temperature: -25 / + 70°C
  • Frequency of ultrasound: 40kHz
  • Communication frequency: 434MHz
  • Detection range of rear sensors: max. 180 cm (default on 160 cm)


  • 4 rear sensors (marked with black and blue color)
  • Main control unit
  • LCD display
  • Rear cable harness
  • Speaker


Display LCD display, Wireless display
Manufacturer Apri
Number of sensors 4 sensors
Power Suply 12VDC
Weight 0.603 kg

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