Rear parking sensors BENE 402

| BENE 402

4 black angle-shaped sensors with waterproof connectors, buzzer, miller.

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Parking assistant BENE 402 is the basic version of the electronic parking assistant. The system is equipped with four ultrasonic sensors which are mounted into the rear bumper. Control unit evaluates the distance between the car and barriers on the basis of the signals from the sensors.

The sensors are specially shaped so that they perfectly fit into any type of radius of various bumpers. While mounting, the sensors are embedded into the bumper, only the outer rim sticks out. The sensors are connected with control unit by a cabling which is at the end divided into 4, each of them ended with waterproof connector at a distance of 20 cm from the sensor. If necessary to replace the broken sensor, then only a sensor with a short cable would be replaced, not the whole cabling.

BENE 402 signalize an obstacle acoustic way - buzzer beep inside the car. If the car comes closer to a barrier, beeping becomes more frequent, opposite if the distance increases, the beeping slows down.

Package Contents:

  • Control unit
  • Buzzer with cabling
  • 4 pieces of sensors with a diameter of 25 mm and cabling
  • Drilling tool for making a hole in the bumper
  • CU cabling


  • Number of Rear sensors : 4
  • Diameter: 25 mm
  • Mounting hole diameter : 21.7 mm
  • Mounting depth : 17.3 mm
  • Connector : waterproof
  • Color Sensor : Black
  • Overpainting yes
  • Spacers not needed due to the special design of sensors
  • Rotary Cutter : 21.7 mm

Display and signalisation:

  • Sound : yes
  • Beep volume : > 70 db
  • The maximum reach of the sensors : 1.5m
  • Signalling zero distance from barrier : 0.3 m

Other parameters:

  • Power control unit : 9-16 V
  • Power consumption: < 18 mA
  • Operating temperature : -30 ° C - +70 ° C
  • Activation with reverse gear: yes


Power Suply 12VDC
Number of sensors 4 sensors
Manufacturer Bene
Weight 0.56 kg

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