Xenon bulb GE D1S


HID Xenon bulb D1S General Electric Xensation, colour temperature 4200K (white light), 35W.


HID Xenon lamp D1S General Electric Xensation designed for original xenon car headlights, colour temperature 4200K, 35W. Made in Germany, 1pc.

Technical parameters

  • Base: PK32d-2
  • Type: D1S
  • Nominal power: 35W
  • Nominal lamp voltage: 12V
  • Colour temperature: 4200K
  • Nominal lumens: 3200lm (+/-450lm)
  • Rated life: 3000 h

The comparative light charts:


We recommend to change both xenon bulbs, because of difference in colour light of old and new discharge lamp. The HID xenon bulbs have also similar lifetime, so old xenon bulb can go off in short time.

Benefits of GE Discharge lamps:

  • Better visibility and illumination – the light is advantageously beneficial for the sensation of human eye. Enables the driver’s confident perception in darkness to perceive earlier road and street markings.
  • Greater illuminated area on the road
  • Optically advantageous whiter light compared to halogen lamps designed to give a colour that is closer to natural daylight.
  • Lower power consumption – 35W only instead of 55W (ordinary halogen lamp power consumption)
  • Better durability – excellent vibration and shock resistance giving significantly greater reliability


Manufacturer GE
Weight 0.077 kg

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