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WIRE HB1/5-3 cable

Bi-Xenon connection cable HB1/ 5-3.

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WIRE HB1/5-3

BALAST SLIM HID ballast, 35W, 12V

35W control unit of high quality for xenon conversion kits. Dimensions of unit without wiring 84 x 61 x 14.5 mm.

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HID-DEC power Resistor module

Power Resistor module for HID - For use with some newer vehicles with computer monitored bulb-out indicators. The result is a drop in system load triggering an dash board error light, a constant on/off condition, or a failure to ignite properly.

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HID SLIM balast

HID SLIM it is control unit (balast) for HID conversion kit with 35W power consumption. Small dimension of balast it dedicated for use to motocycles, quad bikes or when tight space is under body. Total measures of the unit without cabling 84 x 61 x 17 mm.

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APL H4 error messages eliminator

Error messages eliminator of H4 bi-xenon kits.

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WIRE H4 hi/lo wiring

Interconnecting wiring for bi-xenon kit H4

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WIRE H4 hi/lo

HIDCB-12V resistors for xenon bulbs and LED bulbs

Load/Ballast module HID CB-12 is used in vehicles, which after replacing the bulb for xenon lamp indicates the failure ...

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