Pandora SMART GSM car alarm

| SMART v3

Pandora SMART is an ultimate OEM key solution with an immobilizer RF tag and newest GSM/GPS modem for smartphone integration. Providing all the benefits of Pandora advanced security and remote start of the lower grade systems, it also conveniently adds your car to the list of your online-controlled gadgets.

Pandora SMART is a premium car service-security system, built for cars with on-board voltage of 12V. It is a complex engineering solution which includes car security system, telemetry, remote and automatic engine start and various service options, all controlled from your OEM key remote, smartphone or online service. This system is designed to be all-in-one car service and security solution and requires no additional modules: it includes algorithmic keyless bypass that works with many popular car models. For even more convenience, it allows remote control over Webasto or Eberspaecher preheaters – and even sequential use for automatic engine start.

System features
Base unit

  • 4G LTE / GSM modem with ceramic antenna
  • Built-in GPS/GLONASS-receiver.
  • Slot for a nano-SIM.
  • Digital 2хCAN/LIN interface.
  • IMMO-KEY port and immobilizer bypass.
  • Mobile app support for iOS and Android.
  • Individual PIN-code to disarm ad switch off immobilizer.
  • Hands Free mode for arming/disarming without using a remote.
  • Antihijack 1 and Antihijack 2 modes.
  • Automatic arming.
  • Validator mode.
  • Algorithms of keyless bypass of original immobilizer.
  • Integrated GPS/GLONASS-receiver
  • Built-in 2,4 GHz module with support of Bluetooth 4.2 Low Energy protocol.
  • Dialog coding of control commands.
  • Individual 128-bit encryption key.
  • Possibility to connect 2 blocking relay Pandora BTR101 (optional accessory).
  • Built-in integral accelerometer for determining motion and shocks with adaptive processing algorithm and sensitivity controls via the remote.
  • Advanced process of sensor data reading, eliminating false alarm possibilities.
  • Built-in temperature sensor.
  • Software updates via built-in micro-USB socket.

Immobilizer tags

  • Dialog coding of control commands.
  • Individual 128-bit encryption key.
  • Built-in LED indicator.
  • Built-in button to control over security modes.
  • Built-in integral accelerometer.
  • CR-2032 battery (not shipped with the system).

Car security zones

  • Pandora SMART service-security system guards following independent zones:
  • User manual 5
  • car doors perimeter (separate for every door)
  • front hood triggers
  • trunk triggers
  • ignition trigger
  • brake pedal button
  • triggering of the shock sensor (warning level)
  • triggering of the shock sensor (alarm level)
  • triggering of the motion sensor
  • triggering of the tilt sensor
  • critically low on-board voltage
  • marker lights left on notification when arming*

System set

  • Base unit 
  • Tag 2,4 GHz  2x
  • Leather case for tags
  • Main cable 
  • Cable with VALET button and three-colored light indicator 
  • Fastening kit 
  • User installation manual 
  • Plastic card with individual secret code 
  • Packaging 
  • Beeper (compact sound emitter) 
  • Engine temperature sensor
  • Blocking relay

Mobile application 



Type Car alarms
Remote control Bluetooth mobile app, Factory remote control, Online mobile app, Remote control
Connection CAN-BUS
Manufacturer Pandora
Features Remote start, GPS, GSM, Bluetooth
Weight 0.517 kg

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