Keetec TRIPLING Triple flashing module


Module for comfortable flashing of direction indicators - provides triple flash of directional lights after briefly press of the directional lights lever.


Description of the system

Tripling is an advanced function of comfortable flashing direction indicators of the vehicle. After briefly pressing the lever direction indicators will automatically flash for 3 times. Tripling unit is designed as an add-on module with a very simple participation for all vehicles with a positive control voltage of direction indicators and on-board voltage 12V.

The controller constantly monitors the indicator lamps. As light up from 100ms to one blinks, processor immediately estimate the remaining time for the first flash (unless it is the first full flash) and immediately blinks 2x.

The module is equipped with improved resistance to activated warning indicator lamps, and in particular the activation rate was increased.


Note: The module is not compatible with the cars that have a "bimetal indication lights breaker". For example, VW Passat B5, Volkswagen Golf IV , Skoda Octavia I.


Weight 0.034 kg

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