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Dash camera and advanced assistance system in an award-winning design. 256GB SD card supporting. The Sony STARVIS 5.14MP optical lens sensor delivers remarkably clear video quality in 2K QHD. The camera can warn you of an imminent collision or lane departure, or alert you if approaching the safety cameras. Super night mode, parking mode, time lapse are a matter of course. With the help of Thinkware Cloud app. (necessary hotspot in the vehicle) it is possible to receive alerts on the mobile phone remotely, if the vehicle leaves the defined zone, suffers a strong impact, or you can watch the camera view online.

How to connect the camera to the Internet

Q800PRO will connect to the Internet automatically, via registered hotspots and Wifi routers. Once the camera is connected, then a user (dispatcher, operator) can remotely watch the camera view online from any location (if his mobile is also internet connected). To ensure an internet connection, it is necessary to install a Wifi router in the vehicle, or to use the hotspot of the mobile phone, which is usually located in the vehicle while driving. Once the name/password has been saved, the mobile phone hotspot just needs to be switched on and the camera will connect to the internet automatically, whenever the mobile phone gets close to the camera, without the driver even noticing.

THINKWARE CLOUD app. allows to add more hotspots very easy, then the camera will connect to the one with the strongest signal. If the same hotspot name/password is set in multiple devices (mobiles/wifi routers), the camera will also connect to the internet via the hotspot of any of them (depends on which one gets close as first).

THINKWARE CLOUD - mobile application

The application allows 3 modes user/camera access:

  • REMOTE access 
    • - remote live view

      - notifications

      - downloading incident videos from cloud to mobile:

         strong impacts in driving mode

               Note. for internet connection, there must be a Wi-Fi router or a hotspot of another phone located in the vehicle, and Its name/password must be saved first via HOTSPOT access - description below, remote connection working in driving mode only (not in parking mode)


    • HOTSPOT access - short distance 
      • - other hotspots management (adding/deleting)

        - live view

                 Note. It is an access via the hotspot of the user's phone (via main/admin hotspot)


      • WIFI access - short distance        
        • - live view 

          - recording settings

          - option to download any recording from the SD card to the mobile phone





        • Resolution :
          Front – 2K QHD (2560 x 1440)
          Rear – Full HD (1920 x 1080) [Optional]
        • Camera :
          Front – 5.14MP Sony STARVIS 
          Rear – 2.13MP Sony STARVIS [Optional]
        • Frame Rate : 30 fps 
        • Wi-fi
        • Viewing Angle: 140° (Diagonal)
        • Weight : 107.5g (0.237 lb)
        • Storage Temperature :   -20°~ 70°C (-4°~ 158°F)
        • Operating Temperature :   -10°~ 60°C (14°~ 140°F)
        • Capacity :   MicroSD card 16/32/64/128/256 GB (UHS-I)
        • Input Power :  DC 12/24V, Built-in Super Capacitor
        • GPS :  Built-in GPS Antenna

        Whats in the box:

        • Dash Cam Front                       
        • 12V Power Cable
        • MicroSD Card 16GB       
        • USB MicroSD Card Reader
        • polarizing filter
        • Windshield Mount           
        • Spare 3M Mounting Tape
        • Adhesive Cable Clips       
        • Quick Start Guide

        Optional Accessory:

        • additional rear camera
        • hardwire cable


        Weight 0.42 kg

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